GTM Kit 1.15 – Enhanced WooCommerce Block Support

We are thrilled to introduce GTM Kit version 1.15, the latest in our continuous journey to provide you with superior features, tighter integration, and a hassle-free experience. This release spotlights enhancements in WooCommerce support, a shift in how we handle inline scripts, and the resolution of pivotal issues.

What’s New in 1.15


WooCommerce ‘All-Products’ Block Support: In line with the evolving WooCommerce ecosystem, GTM Kit 1.15 now supports the ‘all-products’ block, ensuring comprehensive tracking and data management for your online store.

Refined Inline Script Registration: Taking a step towards greater extensibility and security, we have transitioned to registering inline scripts with wp_add_inline_script instead of wp_head. This shift not only facilitates smoother extensions to GTM Kit but also simplifies the implementation of a robust Content Security Policy (CSP).


Product ID Prefix Issue Resolved: We identified and addressed an issue where the product ID Prefix was omitted when a product variation was selected. With this fix, product tracking accuracy is significantly improved.

Tax Addition on Specific Events: An oversight where tax wasn’t added to the total on add_shipping_info and add_payment_info events has been rectified. This ensures that the financial data relayed through these events is accurate and comprehensive.

Update now!

To transition to GTM Kit 1.15, navigate to the ‘Plugins’ section within your WordPress dashboard, locate GTM Kit, and choose ‘Update Now’. If you come across any challenges or require clarifications, our dedicated support team is always at your service.

Thank you for your unwavering faith in GTM Kit. We remain committed to innovating, refining, and ensuring that GTM Kit stays ahead, addressing your evolving needs. We invite you to immerse yourself in the new offerings of version 1.15.

Happy tagging!

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