GTM Kit 1.8: Support for the add_to_wishlist event

We’re excited to announce the latest update to GTM Kit, the powerful tag management plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. GTM Kit provides website owners with the tools they need to track data and optimize their website for better user experiences. The new update includes several enhancements and bugfixes to make it even more effective.

If you are using ‘YITH WooCommerce Wishlist’ or ‘TI WooCommerce Wishlist’ you can now track users who add a product to the wishlist. Between them theese two plugins have 1 million active installations.

It requires no configuration and all you have to do is install and activate one of the two plugins.

For the time being there are now plans of making GTM Kit compatible with other wishlist plugins.

Track coupon codes

You can now track coupon codes in WooCommercer and the discount associated with them. This requies no configuraion but it is only supported for WooCommerce and not Easy Digital Downloads.

Added ‘item_variant’ to variable products

Variabel products now have the ‘item_variant’ in the items element in the data layer, which allows you to track variant data for each item in the data layer.

Bugfixes and other improvements

There are many bugfixes and other changes which you can see in the changelog.

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