GTM Kit 1.23: User Role Exclusion

We’re excited to announce the launch of GTM Kit version 1.23, which introduces key enhancements designed to provide greater control and adaptability in your tagging strategies. This update includes a much-requested feature for user role exclusions and improvements in the flexibility of GTM Kit integrations.

What’s New in 1.23


  • User Role Exclusion Option: Understanding the need for nuanced data collection strategies, we’ve added an option to exclude selected user roles from tracking. This feature is particularly useful for sites that need to differentiate between user types, such as excluding admin or editor roles from analytics to focus on genuine user interactions.
  • Enhanced Integration Flexibility: We have made significant improvements to the flexibility of GTM Kit integrations. This enhancement ensures smoother and more effective integration with various plugins and themes, allowing for a more seamless experience and optimized performance across different platforms.

Other Updates:

  • Compatibility Assurance: As part of our commitment to maintaining the plugin’s reliability, GTM Kit 1.23 has been thoroughly tested with WooCommerce up to version 9.1. This ensures that GTM Kit continues to perform optimally with the latest WooCommerce features and updates.

To Update

To upgrade to GTM Kit 1.23, simply go to the ‘Plugins’ section in your WordPress dashboard, locate GTM Kit, and click ‘Update Now’. If you encounter any issues or have questions about implementing the new features, our dedicated support team is always here to assist.

Thank you for your continued support of GTM Kit. With each update, we aim to enhance the plugin’s capabilities based on user feedback and the evolving digital landscape. We’re excited for you to experience the new functionalities in version 1.23 and to hear how they help streamline your tracking and analytics efforts.

Happy tagging!

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