Use GA4 ecommerce events in Universal Analytics

Google has announced that the Universal Analytics service will stop collecting data starting July 1, 2023. Even though it seems like a waste of time setting up ecommerce tracking in Universal Analytics, many companies will continue to use it until the end.

Fortunately, Google has made it possible to use the Google Analytics 4 schema in Universal Analytics. GTM Kit only supports the GA4 schema. If you are using enhanced ecommerce in Universal Analytics you need to activate the GA4 schema option in every ecommerce tag.

For every Universal Analytics ecommerce tag you must set the ecommerce settings as follows:

Use GA4 scheme

That’s it!

GTM Kit is only supporting the GA4 schema because it is the future, and this backwards compatibility option exists. This allows us to focus on all the new features in GA4 without having to worry about Universal Analytics.

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